Paris em Pijamarama


“Paris em Pijamarama” is a playful and interactive book for all audiences that anchors the dynamism of their images in a cinematographic technique called ombrocinéma.

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 While everyone is asleep, our little protagonist takes us around Cidade Luz and his striped pajamas reveal himself, once again, as the ideal outfit to play with an old animation technique, the shoulder-cinéma. By moving the acetate grid inserted in the book over each of its illustrated pages, a surprising optical effect is produced and Paris becomes the city that moves. This is a playful and interactive book for readers of all ages.

This book is recommended by the LER + National Reading Plan program. The National Reading Plan is a public initiative, under the responsibility of the Ministry of Education and was created with the aim of raising literacy levels. After their publication, the books are evaluated by experts and subsequently integrated into the list of recommendations, which is organized by age group and type of reading suggested.

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